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AeroPure SFS Room Air Cleaner



The US EPA says that our indoor air can be up to 2 to 5 times and sometimes more than 100 times more polluted than outside. With poor indoor air quality, pollutants can irritate existing allergies. The AeroPure  Sanitizing Filtration System consists of an advanced sealed air cleaning system to reduce airborne particles up to 99.99% down to .3 microns in size. The most revolutionary feature of the SFS technology is that it consistently inhibits growth of airborne particles on the main filter. 

Limited Renewable LIFETIME 

Manufacturers Warranty!

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EnviroBreeze by AeroPure HVAC Filter



Electrostatic air filters use air and static electricity to capture airborne particles.
There are no electrical connections or system modifications needed. The air flow from your home’s ventilating system moves steadily over the filter media, enhancing its charge field. As airborne particles approach the charge field, they are drawn onto the media and held, until the filter is cleaned. For maximum efficiency, keep your recirculating fan running at all times. 

Limited LIFETIME Manufactures Warranty!

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AeroClean - Natures Chemical Free Laundry By AeroPure


AeroClean will allow you to wash your fabrics with Natures Chemical (Ozone)! No need to sort Fabrics by darks and lights, whites and colors, due to the elimination of hot water. Fabrics will feel softer and fluffier, since soap is not left behind in fabrics. Fabric life is extended. Requires no detergent, bleach, or laundry softeners. Installation is easy and takes minutes. Rinse cycle works as a second wash cycle. Uses an advanced Oxidation System many hospitals and hotels have used for over 30 years. Works on top-loaders, front-loaders, and high efficiency systems (One Size Fits ALL). AeroClean has an estimated life span of over a decade. 



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About Us

About Our Company, FVS Inc.

It’s all about our customers. Nothing is more important. 

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Where it started

AeroPure is a division of FVS Inc. founded in 1986 and headquartered in Broadview Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. FVS prides itself in providing the highest quality home care products, service and after sale care to its customers.

We’ve come a long way and we have what it takes to keep going.

Who we are


The FVS organization includes decades of experience developing products that enhance our customer’s life through a cleaner, healthier home. The engineering, research/development and executive staff have designed and produced products that specifically target and outperform the competition to remove dirt, dust, pollen, dust mites, odors, and toxic chemicals from your home. Our products have been rigorously tested and certified by independent testing labs for quality and reliable operation.

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