Never Use Datergent OR Hot Water Again!

What is it?

An American Product



AeroClean an American Product, is specifically designed to produce clean, soft, fresh-scented laundry without laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener, or hot water… all this while disinfecting your Fabrics. AEROCLEAN activates by using a safe, electrical impulse that adds powerful activated oxygen and oxidizers to cold water, eliminating the need for hot water. AeroClean utilizes natures cleaning agent and takes the place of even the best laundry detergents including natural laundry detergents.

Does Your Washing Machine Smell?


Have you ever left your laundry in the washer and then come back to a strange smell? That smell is detergent souring from bacteria growing in the fabric and in the gaskets of your washing machine. Now, you can eliminate that foul smell forever, without hazardous chemicals, using the AeroClean system! It does not require detergent, bleach or fabric softener; therefore, your Fabrics will last longer, dry faster, and feel softer than ever.

AeroClean, A System Leaving Fabrics Cleaner and Fresher


AeroClean is a compact Attachment, built for convenience without compromising quality, and hooks right to the cold-water line without requiring any special tools in just minutes. Allergy sufferers no longer worry about reactions to detergents and chemicals. AeroClean is completely chemical-free and environmentally safe.


How Much Can You Save?

Dollars Spent To Heat Water (Electronically)

We found on average a washing machine uses 18 gallons of water per wash cycle and that on average there are only 2 cycles per load equaling out to 36 gallons of water per load of laundry that are done. 

We know that an average your water inlet temperature is 77®F. The hottest water aloud in most homes is typically 120®F to prevent scalding accidents. So, if we did a rise between the two different temperatures it would be approximately 43® F (120®F-77®F=43®F) That we are increasing per load. 

We also know that it takes approximately 8.34 BTU’s to heat 1®F per Gallon of water. 

The Formula is as Follows: (1®F x 8.34 BTU’s x (120®F-77®F) = Amount of BTU’s per gallon of laundry.

This equates to 358.62 BTU’s per gallon to simply heat the water going into an average washing machine. We are attempting to heat 36 gallons of water per load of laundry. Multiply the two and you get a total of 12,910.32 BTU’s used per average load of laundry. The conversion back to Kilowatt Hours equates to 3.784 KWH per load of laundry. This varies of course with the type of washing machine you have as stated earlier. 

An average KWH cost, which varies by location, we used the state of Maryland, is 13.7 cents.

(13.7ȼ x 3.784 KWH per load) = .51 cents per load of laundry just in heating cost

We also averaged a family of 4 completing 480 loads per year. (.51 cents per load x 480 loads) = 

A total annual Savings in energy cost alone, an average of $244.80.

Note:This number does not include the cost for the washing machine to run. Only the cost to heat the water alone.

Dollars Spent On Laundry Detergent

Tide Total Care Laundry Detergent – 50 oz. bottle says it does 32 loads per container: 480 Loads per year ÷ 32 loads per container = 15 containers of tide total care laundry detergent. Each 50 oz. bottle costs $19.99.
Totaling $299.85 spent in laundry detergent alone per year. 

Dollars Spent On Bleach

Of the 9 loads of laundry per week – 3 will use bleach 3 x 52 = 156 loads per year. 8 oz. (1 cup) of bleach per load, 156 loads x 8 oz. = 1,248 oz. Clorox Bleach comes in 96 oz. containers, 1,248 oz. ÷ 96 = 13 containers per year. Clorox Bleach costs $ 6.06 per container 13 x $6.06= $78.78. So ...

Overall, Total dollars spent in laundry bleach per year –  $78.78 

Dollars Spent On Fabric Softener

480 loads per year Downy Fabric Softener-34 oz. does 40 loads per container 480 ÷ 40 = 12 containers. Downy Fabric Softener costs $ 4.29 per container 12 x $ 4.29 = $ 51.48. 

Total dollars spent in laundry fabric softener per year – $ 51.48

Dollars Spent On  Dryer Sheets

Based on using 2 dryer sheets per average load, 240 Bounce Dryer sheets cost $8.94. 240 divided by 2 = 120 Loads.  480 loads per year divided by 120 loads per box= 4 boxes of dryer sheets. $8.94 times 4 boxes = $35.76.

Total Dollars spent in laundry Dryer sheets per year - $35.76

TOTAL Savings Per Year With AeroClean

A total annual Savings in energy cost alone, an average of $244.80.

Totaling $299.85 spent in laundry detergent alone per year.

Total dollars spent in laundry bleach per year – $78.78

Total dollars spent in laundry fabric softener per year – $ 51.48

Total Dollars spent in laundry Dryer sheets per year - $35.76

All Together based on the numbers above, an average family of 4 doing 480 Loads of Laundry per year will save 


$710.69 per YEAR using the AeroClean with these Usage Numbers!

Over the 10 Year expected life of the AeroClean that will save that same family of 4 a total of $7,106.90!


In other words, the AeroClean will pay for itself…and quick! 

Save Up To $677 or MORE PER YEAR

The O3 created by AeroClean eliminates bacteria and viruses (strep, staph and many more) during the washing process. O3 also kills micro-organisms in dirty laundry almost 3,000 times faster than bleach making it a much healthier option that regular soaps and detergents. What’s more, skin irritations and allergic reactions from soaps are greatly reduced or eliminated by its use. 


That’s not all! AeroClean is the laundry system that pays for itself! How much will you save every year with AeroClean? In short, you may save enough in a single year to pay for unit. In its estimated life span of 10 years, you could potentially save thousands of dollars!


To the Left is a breakdown of how you will save annually. These calculations are based on current price averages in the United States and the usage of detergent, bleach, fabric softener and electricity for the average family of four. 


Please Note: This is a mathematical equation to figure out what your washing machine is costing you on average. This is how you can calculate how much your laundry really costs you. Now this equation varies per washing machine and area you live in for cost but this gives a good average.  

Other Benefits of Using the AeroClean


Energy Savings Benefits:

  •  Consumes twenty-five watts of electricity (less than an average light bulb)
  • No need for hot water - You don’t need hot water, so you don’t need to pay to heat water in the first place, saving energy and money.
  • The AeroClean uses power only when the washing machine needs water.
  • Fabrics dry faster and are more fluffy when soaps are not left in fabric.


Health Benefits:


  • The ozone created eliminates bacteria and viruses (strep, staph, and many more)
  • Ozone kills micro-organisms in dirty laundry - 3000 times FASTER than bleach.
  • Skin irritations and allergic reactions from soaps can be reduced or eliminated.


Eco-Friendliness Benefits:

  • No Chemicals discharged into the environment  (unlike detergents and fabric softeners). 
  • Less plastic containers will clutter landfills, meaning the average family won’t clutter landfills at a rate of almost 40 containers per year! 
  •  Decreases clogging and increases decomposition in septic systems as detergent kills “good bacteria” that is needed.




· No need to sort Fabrics by darks and lights, whites and colors, due to the elimination of hot water

· Fabrics will feel softer and more fluffy, since soap is not left behind in fabrics

· Fabric life is extended

· Requires no detergent, bleach, or laundry softeners

· Installation is easy and takes minutes

· Rinse cycle works as a second wash cycle

· AEROCLEAN helps improve performance of washing machines

· Uses an advanced Oxidation System many hospitals and hotels have used for over 30 years

· Works on top-loaders, front-loaders, and high efficiency systems (One Size Fits ALL)

· AEROCLEAN has an estimated life span of over a decade

· You may save enough money within the first year to pay for the unit!

An American Product!




Our Detergent-less Laundry System

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