Career Advancement


As AeroPure Distributors, we reward those who work hard in order to achieve the results they desire. We operate on a staunch Principle of Ethics that we follow every day. We also acknowledge those who have worked hard by helping them advance within our career development program, or “The Rock,” as we like to call it. Ultimately, if you’ve built your foundation of sales, leadership and hard work on The Rock, you won’t go unnoticed and you’ll be very clearly rewarded. After all, “A dream doesn’t become a reality though magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell The Rock Career Development Program

1. Apprentice 

By following the basics of the AeroPure career development program, an Apprentice can successfully reach the top of the business development program, THE ROCK. 

2. Associate

3. Junior Partner

4. Senior Partner

5. Manager Training Program

6. Area Factory Distributor

7. Senior Area Factory Distributor

8. Premier Factory Distributor

Your Dreams Have Become Reality!

The highest status in THE ROCK program! A Premier Factory Distributor is a respected entrepreneur and a leader among leaders in the AeroPure Family. Premier Factory Distributor’s view themselves as business-and people-developers. As such they have the inclination and financial capacity to invest in and support members of their organization.

How to Apply!



We are looking for people who are ready to be their own boss and are energized by the idea of being successful while making money! Many times the terms “ambitious,” “self-starter” and “enthusiastic” are used to describe you and your work ethic.

AeroPure is an extremely selective and sought after company to work with. We work hard, drive sales and build out successful business people and distributors to own and operate their own business throughout the continent.

If you are interested in speaking with someone about the next steps you should be taking with FVS, Inc., please call us at 1(800)281-6242 and we can get you in touch with the right people! We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your interest in our outstanding opportunities.

Distributor Opportunities


AeroPure Distributorships have a wide range of opportunities available for individuals to take ownership of their successes and grow within the business. Our distributorship opportunities are available throughout the US and parts of Canada, for qualified and driven individuals. Those interested in potentially opening up a distributorship should note the following characteristics or aspects that we search for when choosing the best fit for someone to step into this role:

· Those interested in the experience that comes with working as a distributor for AeroPure. We have over 65 years of executive sales staff experience.

· Those interested in the exclusivity that comes along with being the sole distributor of very specific brand-related products within a specified territory.

· Those interested in the support that comes along with operating a business under a parent company. This includes but is not limited to multiple types of training (product training, sales training, recruitment training) as well as outstanding career development programs and supports that are in place to lead distributors to success.

As with owning and operating any business, there are basic business expenses and a minimal investment is required, but not a cost that is debilitating to the business. We set our distributors up for success and support them in any way that we can. Incentives are in place to assist and invigorate our distributors to strive for nothing short of outstanding outcomes.