AeroPure Sanitizing Filtration System

Purifying Indoor Air is Not an Event, It is a Continuous Process.



Ultimately, Clean Fresh Air

The AeroPure SFS delivers Clean Air 365 Days a Year, 24 Hours a Day.

8. Control Panel

3-Speed Control: Based on a 20’X25’ room, Quiet will recirculate the air once every hour, Turbo setting will recirculate air every 30 minutes, and Turbo Plus every 15 minutes.

7.  Activated Carbon Post Filter 

Helps remove normal household odors and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). 

6. Main Cartridge Filter 

Traps and removes particles up to 99.99% efficiency at .007 microns.

5. Advanced Air Cleaning Zone

This Patented Advanced Technology uses microbiostasis to inhibit growth of 94-100% of Mold/Fungi, 98-100% of Bacteria, and 99-100% of Viruses that pass through the energy field. 

4. Motor/Blower 

Sealed dual ball bearing blower and motor combination creates a laminar flow across the SFS filter. 

3. Adsorption Screen

Helps protect the motor/blower.

2. Activated Carbon Pre-Filter 

Dissolves Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) and traps large particles, extending the life of the main filter.

1. 360 Degree Air Intake System

What You May Expect from AeroPure's SFS Air Cleaner


* Fewer colds and headaches 

* Fresher smelling home 

* A better night’s sleep 

* Fewer allergy symptoms 

* A healthier lifestyle 

* An attractive unit matching any home or business decor 

Specifications of the AeroPure 10600-02 SFS Air Cleaner:


  • Class II Medical Device
  • Most effective up to 500 sq. ft.
  • 12” (w) x 22” (h)
  • Energy efficient
  • Renewable Lifetime Warranty
  • Color: Black
  • Better than HEPA as it filters at 99.99% down to .007 microns

Features and Benefits


Exclusive “SFS” Technology (Purification Zone)

16,000 Volts of DC electricity throughout the main filter inhibits growth of Particles thru microbiostasis. Independent test results certify capture of ultrafine particles and microorganisms up to 99.99% of virus, bacteria and mold/fungi down to .007 Microns in size.  

Better than HEPA filtration

SFS efficiency of 99.99% at .3 microns surpasses HEPA of 99.97%. Less dense SFS filter media has 4 times the particle holding capacity as a similar sized HEPA. The 9-inch SFS filter is 100% sealed –no air can bypass around the filter ensuring total air filtration. 

Effectiveness On All Three Speed Settings

Air Movement Levels: In a standard room – Quiet setting, exchanges at 20x’s per day. Turbo setting, exchanges at 40x’s per day. Turbo Plus setting, exchanges at 60x’s per day.

Most of the machines on the market today rave about being super silent and effective. Actually, they have made slow speed “super quiet” by lowering motor speeds and CFM, seriously jeopardizing performance.Most consumers operate their systems on “low” and receive little, if any, air cleaning in the required space.SFS provides enough CFM on “Quiet” (or “low”) speed to properly clean required space.

 Energy Consumption: 120 volt-60 HZ. All components UL certified. Wattage: Quiet—75; Turbo—110; Turbo Plus—140. Weight: 21 lbs. 

Built For Performance

 Dual cleaning carbon-activated charcoal filters remove common household chemical and cooking odors, cigarette smoke and pet orders to create a fresher smelling home. 

 Filter Efficiency Monitor monitors the actual efficiency of the unit. Other systems are on a timer. When the filter is loaded to capacity, the light will go out, informing the end-user to replace filter.Bio-Monitor Indicator informs the user that high energy field is working at peak efficiency. No residential UV systems measure the intensity of the bulb. Thus, SFS system far surpasses any UV system regarding the guarantee of microorganism destruction. 

 Unique dual sealed ball bearing motor ensures long-lasting motor operation. Every filter is checked on a calibrator to ensure no leakage or bypass of particles—100% sealed filters. Every unit is individually tested/operated to meet all requirements before shipping, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. 

Backed By Years of Experience

SFS technology developed by a team of seasoned indoor air quality experts with over 30 years of industry experience—designing and manufacturing customized indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for the federal government, the Veterans Administration hospitals, US Postal Service and corporations worldwide. Expertise has also been employed in applications focusing on the correction of poor indoor air quality and its impact on the health, comfort and safety of occupants in the following sectors: commercial buildings, hospitals, out-care facilities, restaurants, schools, printing plants and office buildings. 

SFS technology resulted from a Department of Defense Government grant focused on Germ Warfare. Perfected technology was expanded to clean room manufacturing process requiring particle-free room air. 

Renewable Lifetime Warranty

Standard 1-year warranty is automatically renewed with the purchase of the annual filter replacement pack. 

Use And Care

Check out this great video to help you maintain your machine for all the clean years to come!

SFS User’s Manual and Warranty

If you need additional copies or a replacement of the user’s manual for the AeroPure Indoor Air Quality System, just download the appropriate PDF file from this page below. Having the manual at hand can mean the difference between safe, reliable performance and the hassle of not being able to enjoy your unit. Please click the link below to find the information you require. 

AeroPure SFS Owners Manual (pdf)




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